Belgium – Jacuzzi Hotels

If you are looking for some fun and entertainment then Belgium is the place for you. You will also be glad to know that it’s home to a wide range of hotels with hot tubs in room. There are many fun and adventurous things that you can do here. Weather is the only problem of vacationing in Belgium but this just means that if you cannot do a particular activity then you can just do something else. There are activities for all age groups, for little kids to those above the age of 60. There are activities for all tastes, likes and preferences. There are many tourist attractions and things to do in Belgium.

The Grand Place in Brussels

If you want to visit the most beautiful city center in the entire world then it is the Grand Place in Brussels. When you see the place for the first time it is like magic. It will be something you have never seen before and it is something you should never miss and once you go there you will always want to return. The festivals and events of Brussels are conducted on the main street with a lot of pomp and splendor. Christmas is the best time to visit this square as the street is very beautifully decorated with trees and other decorations of the festival.


Bruges is a very beautiful and well preserved city in Belgium. The city has many treasures when it comes history, art and culture and many of it’s buildings have been very well maintained for hundreds of years. It retains much of its medieval architecture. To get the feel of history and to get the best experience of Bruges the best idea would be to take a leisurely walk and try to get in every as much detail as possible detail of Bruges. You are less likely to find a jacuzzi hotel in Bruges when compared to a bigger city like Brussels.


If you are visiting Belgium in warmer months which are June and July then you have to visit the beaches of Belgium. The two important coastal destinations are Knokke and Ostend in Belgium. You can lie down for hours and enjoy the warm Belgian sun during the summer. Obviously though it’s much colder in the winter and you would be better off staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in the room instead! Beaches in Belgium should be on the top of your list of things to do in Belgium. Many tourists also come to Belgium to enjoy the Belgian Chocolate and there many specific Belgium chocolate tours. These tours guide you to all the chocolate shops and factories where you can relish all the chocolate you want.

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