Bath – Spa Hotels with Jacuzzi

Bath is a truly breathtaking place. No wonder that it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site then! On top of it being breathtaking, bath got it’s name from the Romans who set up their bathhouses there. So it’s no wonder that on top of finding the many Roman ruins of bathhouses, you will also be treated to a wide array of hotels with jacuzzi in room and hot tub hotel suites.

The first stop you need to take is to the Roman baths. Here you will see what the Romans built 2,000 years ago to relax and clean themselves. Amazingly, most of the baths are still standing, so you get a really great idea of how people were living (and relaxing) 2000 years ago.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to bathe in the ancient Roman baths. Luckily close by is the Thermae Bath & Spa, where you can enjoy all the natural benefits of the mineral enriched thermal waters! You can choose a range of over 50 spa treatments at Thermae Bath & Spa. There is even a rooftop pool for you take in the breathtaking views of Bath’s architecture while relaxing!

All this relaxing may be boring for some people. That’s why you’ll be glad to hear that Bath Rugby Club, Bath’s professional rugby team plays in Bath. Unlike American Football, these guys play rugby with nothing more than mouthguards for protection.

If rugby is a little to rough for you, you can always go to Longleat Safari Park. That’s right a Safari Park in England! You can see all the animals you would expect to see on Africa’s savanah in Bath!

All the previous attractions sound may sound sound quite exciting. Luckily Bath is not all high octane attractions: it also has a number of museums and historical buildings you can go see such as Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey and Beckford’s Tower & Museum.

All in all Bath is a remarkable place to visit. It is the original tourist destination with a hot tub! For more great travel tips, holiday advice and information on staying in a hotel with jacuzzi in room, make sure to check out the hotels with hot tubs homepage.

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