Bahamas – Jacuzzi Hotels

When one thinks of the Bahamas the picture that comes to mind is of sun bathed beaches, with crystal blue oceanic waters and a chance to soak up some of nature’s glory.  Indeed the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful destinations as well as the one of the most popular. It truly has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a cheap hostel to stay in or even something like a jacuzzi suite in a hotel with hot tubs.  You don’t need a lot to enjoy the luxuriant caress of the amazing climate, only a few tips need to be kept in mind and you can embark on your adventure care free. However the one thing to keep in mind is that it is a fairly expensive place for your holidays.

The most opportune time to visit these sunkissed shores is between September to May, when the climate is perfect in terms of humidity and hotness and you can avoid hurricane season.  However, the Bahamas experience good weather all year round due to the Trade Winds.  The Bahamian Dollar is used as the medium of exchange and is of the same value as the US Dollar, both currencies can be used here in this case.  The area of Nassau is considered to be the metropolitan center of the Bahamas, so all the restaurants, clubs, hotels in that area have certain regulations and dress codes that have to be observed.  It is generally considered the ‘posh’ part of town, so tourists have to exercise some discretion here.

However the islands of Freeport/Lucaya and Paradise Island are more flexible and are most popular with young adults and newlywed couples.  Also a favorite spot for tropical weddings, the Bahamas have a burgeoning wedding planning industry and host a range of wedding styles to suit individual tastes.  No experience is complete without scuba diving, surfing, island tours and fishing.  However, spear fishing is illegal in the Bahamas, and only activities that are marine-friendly are permitted.

For shopaholics the best places to buy original Bahamian handicrafts and antiques are on Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Freeport/Lucaya and Nassau.  Accommodation varies according to which island you choose to stay on and your budget.  For example, the Berry Islands have two hotels only, whereas Eleuthera has a number of resorts and hotels to suit one’s needs including some hotels that have quite a few hot tub suites.  Reservations can be made easily via telephone or email.  Getting to and from islands is simple enough by hiring a boat for a day, or renting a car where roads are available.  The Bahamian people are extremely friendly and ready to help so communication with the locals is easy because the established language is English, with a Bahamian dialect thrown in. For more tips about hotels with in room jacuzzi, make sure to have a look at the hotels with hot tubs homepage.

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