Austria – Jacuzzi Suites

Among the top tourist attractions in Austria is the city of Salzburg. Salzburg is sometimes known as the ‘Rome of North’. This is because Salzburg possesses a number of beautiful churches. It also has numerous hotels with jacuzzi suites. Salzburg is not a very big city though. It is a compact city but even though it is a small city it is still full of attractions and things to see and do. You must not miss is a single attraction when you are here as all of them are important and worth visiting. To explore the history of this place, just take a walk through the lanes of the old city and enjoy their traditional music festivals or simply explore the older areas.

The attractions of Salzburg include Mirabell Palace whose exotic gardens are treat to anyone’s eyes. The Palace is also beautiful and ancient and will give you a sense of the history of the place. Another important attraction in the old city of Austria is the Hohensalzburg. The Hohensalzburg is a magnificent white fortress which overlooks the city and gives a beautiful view from the top. It is also a sign of the history of this place. If you love museums then you should go to the Augusteum museum in the old city. The small city of Salzburg is also the birth place of Mozart the famous musician. It truly is a wonderful place and makes for a great vacation whether you decide to stay in a hotel with hot tubs or just a regular 3 star hotel.

You should also pay attention to the tourist attractions in Austria for children if you have kids with you. Also has the Hohe Tauren National Park. This national park has been coined as the last largest wilderness in the whole of Europe and this is so because it has been wonderfully preserved and showcases nature like no place else. This national park is situated on the foothills of the highest mountains of the country.

The park is rich in its different species and collections of flora and fauna. The species of flora and fauna change as the altitude changes. There are animals such as sheep and goats as well. When the altitude is higher you will find animals like ibex, chamois and deer. There is also a variety of birds that occupy the lesser altitude levels. Other than the flora and the fauna you can also indulge yourself in activities such as a 450 km ski, snowboarding on the slopes and experiencing networks of nature trails in the park. Overall the team from hotels with hot tubs highly recommends Austria for your next holiday

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