Activities while staying in New Jersey

If you are thinking of going on holiday, then definitely consider New Jersey, the garden state. While many people see New Jersey as ‘New Yorks Dumpster’, it is in fact a fantastic place to go for a vacation. The first great place that many people think of in NJ is Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is in many respects similar to Las Vegas in that it has many places that you can gamble at, some of which share the same names as their counterparts in Vegas. There is a Trump, Tropicana and Bally’s Casino Resorts here in Atlantic City. But it’s not just gambling that attracts people to Atlantic City, they also have some more interesting and less hedonistic attractions such as the Atlantic City Aquarium, History Muesum and Art Gallery. Hotels with Hot Tubs definitely recommends Atlantic City as a great place to visit if you are thinking of visiting New Jersey, especially if you are from the New York area as it is quite close by or you can’t afford to go to Vegas.

If going to Atlantic City and gambling away your hard earned cash doesn’t take your fancy, then perhaps you might be interested in visiting Ocean City in the Southern Shore region. Ocean City is a massive resort tailored towards people with families, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky ‘Jersey Shore’ types from showing up and ruining the atmostphere. It’s a little over and hour and a half form New York or just over an hour from Philidelphia (and it’s pretty close to Atlantic City if you feel the need to sneak away and do some gambling) so it’s not a long drive to get there. As well as the usual things like good dining and nice beaches, there’s also a twelve hole golf course and the entire place is very bike friendly.

Finally, depending on the season, New Jersey also has a few pretty famous sports teams that are worth seeing in action if you get a chance. The New Jersey Jets is their American Football Team. The Devils are their Ice hockey team. And the New Jersey Nets are their basketball team.

All in all, New Jersey is a lot better than people give it credit for, so if you are thinking of booking a hotel suite with a jacuzzi, definitely give New Jersey your consideration. For more great tips on hotels with jacuzzi in your room make sure to check out the Hotels with Hot Tubs homepage.

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